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Born on the 12th of August 1995, it was then that baby Craig was welcomed into this world with his musical gift enclosed in his hands. His full name being Katlego Craig Mzangwe, the eldest of 3 children in the family. At a tender age of 8, he was already a member of the Sunday school church choir.
His musical career began with him focusing on beat-making and composition, which was heavily influenced by hip-hop but delivered with a blend of sweet-melodic chords and keys. This regular, second nature, exercise, brought about revelations of his song-writing and poetry affiliation. His persistence and student mentality allowed him to venture into the genres of Pop and R&B, which formed the fusion of various elements in his musical works. The birth of his artistic and stage name was coined at this point in time, Dr Craigaluv, The Musical Prescription.
Over the years, he has formed alliances with multiple associates of different musical backgrounds. That included solo, collaborative, studio and stage works.



Dr Craigaluv is dynamite and more - versatile, multi- skilled and multi-talented. A square is too rigid to define him, but he is an exquisite irregularity. Dr Craigaluv is a:
- Singer
- Song-writer
- Producer
- Composer
- Presenter
- Public Speaker
- Performing Artist
- Recording
- Artist
- Entrepreneur

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